Yeast Infection Symptoms

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Understanding what causes a yeast infection is important. Knowing the symptoms of a yeast infection is essential. Learning these symptoms will help you properly identify a candida yeast infection and enable you to treat the infection quickly.

Candida yeast infections have a variety of symptoms depending on the location of the infection and the severity. Although these infections affect both men and women, the symptoms can be different in men and women. Genital candida yeast infections are the most common type of infection, and often the most embarrassing. Symptoms of a genital yeast infection can include severe itching and redness around the penis or vaginal area. The redness is often accompanied by intense heat and swelling. Painful red bumps and swelling are visible in the vulva or penile area with a severe infection. A foul-smelling discharge from the head of the penis or from the vagina accompanies many yeast infections. In very severe cases, the tip of the penis can become so inflamed that urination is obstructed. Often the heat and itching is so intense that you might unable to resist scratching. Scratching an infected area further damages the skin and can lead to a much more dangerous infection.

The entire pelvic area, including the anus, is also affected by candida yeast infections. Anal itching can be unbearable. Many people also experience extremely painful urination or sharp pains when achieving an erection, during penetration or ejaculation. A candida yeast infection has symptoms that surpass just the physical pains. The inability to have pleasurable sexual relations and the embarrassment of the infection can often cause psychological pain, as well. Depression, nausea and vomiting are also symptoms of a severe candida yeast infection. Systemic infections which are caused by untreated yeast infections can even lead to death in rare cases.

Oral candidiasis, or thrush, has its own set of unique symptoms. Because oral candidiasis affects the mouth, these symptoms are more difficult to see immediately. Lacy, white patches that are on an inflamed red base form on the tongue, palate or inside cheek of an infected person. Sometimes these patches will look similar to milk curds, but they are not easily removed from the affected area. Scratching or scraping at the patches leads to bleeding inside of the mouth. This can create an even more intense infection. Symptoms of thrush also include pain when eating or drinking. The simple contact of liquid with the rash can cause such intense pain that dehydration can occur from avoiding drinking.

Another common candida yeast infection occurs on the skin. Areas that are affected tend to be moist and include the armpits, between toes and fingers or diaper areas. Symptoms of a yeast infection of the skin include scaly red rashes. These rashes can be extremely itchy or they can be quite painful. Many skin infections become painful because people tend to scratch the affected area until it is raw. Infections around the fingers can produce thickening in the nail beds and even loss of fingernails.

Although the symptoms of candida yeast infections are varied, it is possible to recognize them when they affect you. Knowing what you have is the key to getting the right treatment.

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