Untreated Yeast Infection

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Left untreated, a candida yeast infection can have deadly consequences. Though there are many treatments available for yeast infections, not every treatment is effective. Finding the correct treatment for your yeast infection is crucial for your health and the health of your loved ones.

A yeast infection that is not treated correctly might worsen over time. The pain and itching that is common with an ordinary infection can increase exponentially. Candida yeast infections can actually spread from an infected person to an uninfected person. Although a mild yeast infection that is untreated might possibly go away on its own, healing might take several weeks. During this time, it is best to avoid exposing your yeast infection to a healthy persona��s skin. If the candida yeast infection is in your genital area, intercourse should be avoided. Kissing or sharing food should also be avoided if you have thrush, which is an oral yeast infection.

Worsening symptoms can become unbearable when a yeast infection is left untreated. The mild itching and red rash can become more pronounced. Scratching at the skin that is affected by the rash can cause damage or even scarring of the area. Since candida yeast infections often attack areas of the body that are moist, the genital and armpit area are particularly vulnerable. In men, swelling at the tip of the penis can become so severe that urination can be obstructed.A� Frequent and extremely painful urination is a symptom of a severe and untreated yeast infection.

Untreated candida yeast infections are not often the cause of death, but it is possible for them to become systemic. Systemic yeast infections can be deadly if left untreated. These infections can cause symptoms like depression, fatigue, stomach problems, diarrhea and blurred vision. Thrush, or yeast infections within the mouth, can become blisters on the tongue and palate. These blisters can be so painful that any eating or drinking is excruciating. A person with an untreated case of thrush can even become dangerously dehydrated.

In severe cases, untreated candida yeast infections might become recurrent. Recurrent infections are often a symptom of an underlying disease. Diseases like immune system disorders and diabetes are sometimes diagnosed through complaints that include continuous yeast infections. It is always beneficial to treat the yeast infection to be sure that there is no dangerous underlying cause. Candida yeast infections which are left untreated can delay or prevent pregnancy. It is believed by some physicians that the yeast changes the pH balance in the vagina, adversely affecting sperm. This process can make it impossible to conceive.

Untreated candida yeast infections can have such a profound affect on both the body and the mind that people often become depressed or anxious. If depression sets in, refraining from contact for fear of spreading the infection, or because of embarrassment, can it even worse. This problem makes seeking treatment difficult, especially if the person is both embarrassed and depressed. The longer you allow an infection to exist, the more likely the symptoms are to worsen. Knowing your options for treatment and understanding the mechanics behind a yeast infection are excellent weapons in the battle against candida yeast infections.

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